Offerings Leadership Team

Provide for planning and implementing a program of nurture, outreach, and witness in the worship community represented. The leadership team shall envision, plan, implement, and annually evaluate the mission and ministry of the worship community.

– Reports to the Administrative Council for support and evaluation of the worship community’s plan of ministry and mission.
– Communicates with the local congregation to determine the best plan for ministry and mission in its context.
– Accountable to the committee on finance for keeping a balanced local budget.

1) Develop, carry out, and evaluate a discipleship plan for the local worship community. This includes plans for nurture, outreach, witness, leadership development, and stewardship.
2) Determine the best use of resources for ministry and mission. This includes all plans for staffing, programming, and space use specific to the local worship community.
This proposal gives to worship community leadership teams several decision-making functions that are usually held by the Administrative Council, committee on finance, Board of Trustees, or SPRC. We believe the nature of our church’s structure and identity makes this the best option. Our top administrative committees will provide a critical role as the administrative back-end to 1st UMC. This proposal frees them from making worship community-specific decisions that they are less equipped to make, allowing them to focus on policy and high-level matters. It empowers local communities to quickly make and act on decisions, without the frustration of going through red tape or asking for more money each time they would like to do something new. It allows each of our worship communities to function in a way that best fits their context, rather than expecting each community to handle staffing, programming, properties, or stewardship identically.