Season 1

Episode 1: What is a Disciple?

Episode 2: Loving God and Each Other

Episode 3: The Practice of Spiritual Disciplines

Episode 4: A Life of Stewardship

Episode 5: Mercy and Justice

Episode 6: The Fruit of the Spirit

Episode 7: Invitation and Multiplication 

Episode 8: One Church…No Potlucks

Episode 9: Answering the Question “How is it With Your Soul?”

Episode 10: Answering the Question “How Have You Availed Yourself of the Means of Grace?”

Episode 11: Answering the Question “Have You Done All The Good? Avoided All The Evil?”

Episode 12: Answering the Question “How Can We Pray For You?”

Episode 13: Equipping Clergy Leadership

Episode 14: The Discipleship Intensive

Episode 15: Worship

Episode 16: Grow

Episode 17: Serve

Episode 18: Evangelism and Witness

Episode 19: Launching New Communities

Episode 20: A Summer Special: Renewal in the Church

Season 2

Episode 1: FAQs: Why is everything so complicated?

Episode 2: FAQs: What is up with our financial model?

Episode 3: FAQs: How do we get our pastors?

Episode 4: FAQs: The Offerings Story (Pt 1)

Episode 5: FAQs: The Offerings Story (Pt 2)

Episode 6: FAQs: The Downtown Story (Pt 1)

Episode 7: FAQs: The Downtown Story (Pt 2)

Episode 8: FAQs: The Andover Story (Pt 1)

Episode 9: FAQs: The Andover Story (Pt 2)

Season 3

Episode 1: First UMC of Lexington Historical Perspective – Chad Foster and Foster Ockerman, Jr.

Episode 2: Cross Cultural Competence with Carol Cooper and Esther Jadhav